CBD Affiliate Marketing: A Complete Guide Part 1

CBD Affiliate Marketing

Succeed with CBD Affiliate Marketing

The CBD industries are aware that affiliate programs can be beneficial to both themselves and their marketing partners. To help you succeed with CBD affiliate marketing, finding the best networks, etc., we have written this comprehensive guide. You will also find tips on how to find CBD affiliate brands.

By using affiliate marketing, you can drive traffic to your products through native ads that include affiliate links. By clicking on affiliate links to buy CBD, affiliate marketers profit, and CBD brands profit too. You are correct if this sounds like the work of a commission-only sales rep!

CBD affiliate programs can be difficult to find, and which one will increase traffic and conversions.

Affiliate programs are vital in the CBD market, where e-commerce accounts for a large percentage of sales.

Industry Information on CBD

CBD has grown in popularity since it was first discovered nearly a decade ago. Consumers now turn to CBD oil supplements to try out its aforementioned benefits for inflammation or stress symptoms. Europe’s cannabis market is expected to grow at nearly 70% by 2025. By 2028, the market will reach £9.5 billion with a 20.0% CAGR.

CBD: Why do people buy it? CBD’s purported health benefits included, but it is also a natural supplement that anyone can use every day. It isn’t intoxicating (or psychoactive), and gets more reliable as regulations improve.

Exactly what is Affiliate Marketing?

Start by offering promoters incentives to promote CBD.

Affiliate marketing involves four types of relationships:

  1. The Merchant (the brand creating the CBD product)
  2. The Network (which helps brands and publishers find partners)
  3. A Publisher (your marketing partner, in a sense, who may be either a single individual or a marketing business itself)
  4. The Customers (who purchase your products via the publisher. Without sales, what is marketing for?)


Each party contributes to marketing and receives a reward, whether it’s a share of revenue or a product they trust.

Affiliate marketing can easily show success for a CBD company or brand by tracking leads and sales.

A network acts as a liaison between the CBD brand, you and the actual publisher (also known as an affiliate). 

Publishers/affiliates will use content and other methods to convince potential customers of the quality of their products

Affiliates will set up a website that finds top-level products, and promote affiliate links from there or from a blog. There are many ways to reach the consumer and promote the affiliate link:

  • Social media
  • Digital ads (although CBD might not be possible in this case)
  • Podcasts
  • Pay-per-click advertisements on their websites (and other websites)
  • Marketing lists for email
  • They own an app

The marketer’s network increases if they have more ways to reach potential customers, which translates into a higher return if they partner with them.

Affiliates may let customers know which links are affiliate links, while others keep their business a secret. With CBD affiliate marketing, it is best to pick a publisher who is transparent and able to gain trust from their clients.

Lead Generation:

  • Emailing and reviewing clients
  • Website ads in the form of text or banners
  • Linking to their websites on various platforms
  • Video, image, and article marketing to attract attention to your product

The CBD industry has limited affiliate programs, as CBD brands cannot promote their products on prestigious affiliate networks. It’s a little bit different with Amazon Associates or Facebook, as the US-based companies are bound by federal laws and rules.

CBD affiliate marketing means that you pay a publisher to promote your product online (often by way of an affiliate network). A commission is earned when a sale is made (this acts as an incentive for them to do their job well).

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