CBD Affiliates Program FAQ

How do I become a member of CBD Affiliates Program?

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  • Check your email address
  • Copy your link and share on your social media accounts.

Welcome to CBD Affiliates!

You have an opportunity to get in now while CBD is gaining rapid traction and the oil market is doing well.

I operate a website outside of the United States, am I still eligible to become a CBD Affiliate?

  • You certainly are! CBD Affiliates’ headquarters are in Alamo, California, but our Affiliates are spread throughout the world. 
  • Our products can be sold and shipped worldwide, so Affiliates do not need to be based in the U.S. 
  • Payments will be made in US Dollars without exception, and Affiliates will receive a 1099 to file taxes.

Is there any limit to how my CBD Affiliate Marketing material can be used?

The Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions allow Affiliates to display marketing material provided by CBD Affiliates on their website or in any other approved outlet, including emails, providing they do not violate the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions or CBD Affiliates Privacy Policy. 

Websites that are excluded include those that host explicit, discriminatory, hateful, malicious, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate content.

How much is the CBD Affiliates Commission rate?

Our CBD Affiliates Program pays one of the highest commission rates in the industry for sales of CBD oil. Members of the Affiliate Program will earn 15% of all sales referred to our site that results in a sale. 

The commission amount reflects actual purchases, including the application of shipping costs, sales taxes, coupons, discounts, and promotions. If orders are returned, exchanged, or canceled, their payouts will be affected.

When do Affiliates get paid for their commissions?

  • Affiliates are paid 15 days after the end of their billing month, as long as they reach the monthly minimum earning threshold of $100.00 USD. 
  • Once all refunds, cancellations, exchanges, and returns have been handled, commissions are considered final. 
  • All commissions finalized before the end of the month billing period are paid to affiliates. If you don’t meet the threshold each month, your earnings will roll over to the next pay period until it is met. 
  • Once the threshold is met, Affiliates will receive their payment 15 days after the end of the billing month. 

How do Affiliates receive payment?

All members of the affiliate program are paid through PayPal, Bank Wire or Company Issues Checks.

When I make purchases for myself, can I earn commissions?

We’re glad you like our products, but unfortunately, commissions on your personal purchases are not available. Discounts and free samples may be offered to Affiliates with high standing in the program.

Are Affiliates eligible for a discount?

A 25% discount is available to all Affiliates who maintain sales commissions over $500.00 US Dollars for a 31-day pay period. 

I would like samples to review. How do I get them?

Sample products may be provided to affiliates in good standing for the purpose of review. Affiliates must earn a minimum of $1000.00 US Dollars in a 31-day period in order to qualify. Or have a following of over 5k Followers.

How do CBD Affiliates track Affiliate sales and commissions?

Affiliates receive marketing materials, banners, and links embedded with code from CBD Affiliates. By assigning a unique code to each Affiliate, you ensure that each user who clicks on them from your website is directed to your web portal. Cookies enable us to personalize the user experience of affiliates and track their purchases.

Until they click on one of your specifically tailored Affiliate links again and make a purchase, CBD Affiliates cookies have a 90-day duration before they expire and will no longer be eligible for earning commissions for your site. Commissions from credited referrals are earned before the Affiliate cookie expires. After a customer makes a purchase with an Affiliate’s cookie imprint, they remain a commission source of that referral for life.

What is the duration of my commission on referred customers?

Forever! When a customer makes an initial purchase under a CBD Affiliate’s unique cookie imprint, that customer remains linked to that CBD Affiliate for as long as that CBD Affiliate is in the program. As long as the customer continues to make purchases from CBD Affiliates, the referring affiliate will receive commissions on those purchases. Our database of referred purchasers maintains your status as a customer at CBD Affiliates.

How much does it cost to become a CBD Affiliate?

Nothing at all! Signing up and joining the CBD Affiliate Program is completely free of charge. Affiliates are provided with marketing resources, banners, and links.

CBD Affiliates does not pay for referrals or links that do not result in a sale. A commission can only be earned on finalized CBD Product purchases that are not refunded, canceled, or returned.

How do I qualify for the CBD Affiliate Program?

Maintain an active, functioning website or active social media presence.

Why was my application for the CBD Affiliate Program rejected?

Our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions outline a code of conduct and qualifications for websites with content that disqualifies them from participating. Here are some examples of websites with content that does not qualify:

  • Violent, disturbing, or gratuitously gruesome sites
  • An online platform that hosts, displays, or spreads discriminatory or inflammatory content targeting particular genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, ages, nationalities, or physical appearances.
  • Any website that encourages or condones illegal activity
  • Copyright laws, personal or intellectual property rights violated in hosted or linked web content

For any further questions regarding the CBD Affiliate program contact [email protected]

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