CBD Affiliate Marketing: A Complete Guide Part 2

CBD Affiliate Marketing

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for CBD Brands?

Bloggers can link back to product pages to earn a percentage of sales. Built the network so Amazon could profit- it also outsourced affiliate marketing. CBD brands do not have to spend much if affiliates don’t produce sales/website clicks/the intended results. With all that being said, the main advantages of CBD Affiliate Marketing (AM) programs are:

  • Low-cost advertising – CBD brands only pay the affiliate if they can generate sales. In other words, there’s no payment without profit first. No sales, but the fellow paid for it with their time and resources.
  • Marketers – Since CBD marketers are passionate about it, they will actively market it via affiliate networks with plenty of options.
  • A broader consumer base- publishers may also target consumer bases the CBD brand may never have considered before. A publisher’s viewers are likely different from the brand’s ideal customers when you devise in-house marketing strategies.
  • Less time spent on marketing– for the CBD business. While their marketing team focuses on other things, an affiliate marketer can handle the digital world for them. AM is a major part of CBD marketing, so brands can focus on refining their products and practices. Affiliates can ensure that the old products still turn a profit while they work on new products.

Becoming a CBD Affiliate Marketer

Alternatively, one may work with a CBD brand and promote their products as an affiliate marketer. If your online platform is significant and you’re looking to increase your current revenue stream.

Some programs will even pay you without making sales- if your affiliate link leads to a download, subscription, lead, or even a website click, in some cases, you could be in business (literally!)

Suppose you already own a blog, social media account, or another internet corner (like a Youtube channel) with a sizable following.

In that case, you may be able to step into CBD affiliate marketing. Of course, you’ll have to learn how to market the products, and your consumer base should be open to trying CBD (otherwise, generating sales seems unlikely).

Most affiliate programs will not charge you to join, so becoming an affiliate marketer has low startup costs.

Ensure that you thoroughly research the CBD brand you’re promoting before becoming an affiliate marketer.

Becoming a CBD affiliate? Consider questions like these:

  • Are their products to your taste?
  • Do they appeal to you personally?
  • Have all of their products been authenticated by an independent laboratory?
  • How should your affiliate content highlight your unique selling points?

You should do your homework and choose an affiliate program that suits your needs as a CBD affiliate.

You will then need to build a content strategy around the products once you find the right program for you. If you do this, your affiliate links can garner more traffic.

A product should always be thoroughly researched before being marketed. Affiliates and content creators trust you – recommending a low quality CBD brand hurts your credibility.

Affiliate programs can be lucrative for content creators and marketers, especially if your website consistently generates a steady flow of viewers, clicks, and sales.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

The following are a few types of affiliate marketing you should know about before we get into the nitty-gritty of CBD affiliate marketing:


  • With unattached affiliate marketing, there is no connection between the affiliate and the product they are promoting except that they are doing so. On websites they do not own, they will run pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements. Many CBD brands do not even use the products themselves, so they are unlikely to take this route. The trend is toward authoritative wellness voices and personal recommendations.

Ads on other sites can be placed without having a significant web presence. There are some benefits to unaffiliated affiliate marketing.

This kind of marketing is popular among affiliate marketers who don’t have the time (or technical skills) to build their own websites.

When using this approach, the marketer does not have a relationship with the consumer. As a result, there is less guarantee of significant sales.

  • Affiliate marketing involves someone connected with your products.
  • Depending on their current niche, the marketer may already be a trusted voice in CBD and wellness.
  • Though they may not directly use your product, they are familiar with the type of thing your brand stands for. This makes them an effective advertiser.

As we discussed previously, the affiliate will already have an online platform. The authority and niche of the advertiser can increase clicks and conversions whether the links are in the blog content or in the sidebar, banner, and bottom of web pages.


  • Involved affiliate marketing has long been considered the best method of marketing CBD. As a result, affiliates have more of a connection to products and can only obtain them through personal experience. The majority of your advertising materials are based on their experiences with CBD products.

 Even though this kind of affiliate marketing is more risky (if the product you’re promoting is of low quality, your audience will suffer as a consequence), however it can also be rewarding.

Advertising for CBD products in this type is presented as part of the advertiser’s daily life and as part of what makes his or her lifestyle enjoyable.

Affiliate marketers are experts at sharing personal stories, and nothing makes a consumer feel more friendly than an actual story (or at least one that sounds genuine). This helps them to appear honest, helpful, and professional.

An involved model leverages authority, authenticity, and trust in place of PPC and unattached advertising.

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